At Thornton Academy, we encourage, loyalty, compassion, generosity, and respect for others as these values are an integral part of social development. The attainment of self-confidence, academic achievement, and self-discipline at Thornton Academy will help prepare the student for higher education. We choose to do this by providing a structured environment with a superior education taught by an exceptional staff that is dedicated to our mission.
Mission Statement

Thornton Academy’s mission is to provide a positive learning environment in which our students can achieve their personal best. It is our goal to guide our students in their journey of becoming well-rounded contributing citizens, of strong minds and bodies, who have a lifelong appreciation of learning. We will provide a supportive, disciplined, and stimulating environment to encourage the student’s growth of intellectual, social, moral, physical, and emotional capabilities.

Our History

THORNTON ACADEMY, established in 1980 (as Thor College), is situated in the Town of Cookstown, just south of the City of Barrie.  THORNTON ACADEMY is a traditional, independent, co-educational facility, which creates a positive academic setting to educate students from Grades K to 12.  In 2015 new owner, Mr. Bin Ji, changed the name to Thornton Academy because the Chinese meaning for ‘Thornton’ is  思恩  Si En (to show kindness) which reflects the dedication, enthusiasm, and love of learning our staff instils in each student as they guide them through the influential years.