Athletics at Thornton Academy are taught all year round. There are acres of play yards for the students, an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor gymnasium. All students are involved in athletic activities at Thornton Academy. Students have the opportunity to learn and develop skills in baseball, basketball, skiing, soccer, and swimming. 







House System and Intramurals


Within the structure of our athletic and academic programs, Thornton Academy has created an intramural house system in which all students, grade K-12, participate and contribute. Teams challenge each other at various sporting activities and academic contests or challenges approximatelytwice a month. 

Student Involvement


Our students have been involved in a number of fundraisers for many local charities such as Hoops for Hearts, MS Read-A-Thon, Pitch-In Day, Coats for Kids, and the Terry Fox Run. These events give the students a sense of belonging to the local community and teach them that it is very important to give back to the community. 

Extra-Curricular Activities


To enable a student to grow into a well-rounded person, Thornton Academy provides a variety of extra-curricular activities. Our safe, wholesome, rural setting allows them to have a better understanding of nature and it enables us to provide the outdoor facilities for our extensive athletic program.

As the school year progresses, the students have the opportunity to attend field trips and participate in after school clubs. 

Our extra-curricular activities are extensive and varied enabling our students to develop a well-rounded character and giving them the opportunity to take part in many activities of enjoyment.