At Thornton Academy I enjoy the academics. The academics are fun and a great learning experience for anyone. It’s not just boring and simple worksheets, worksheets, and more worksheets. They use different aspects of how people learn. They incorporate all of the six intelligences linguistic, logical, physical, musical, visual and social because they understand that everyone learns differently. I also enjoy  that from time to time we visit the horses. It’s really fun to take them for walks, give them apples, and overall have fun with them. Finally I enjoy how we go on field trips to learn and to have fun about different things eg. The Remembrance Day Parade, The Royal Winter Fair etc. These field trips make learning a great experience because we can interact with most things that we couldn't do in class.​


Thornton Academy Student

I like Thornton Academy because of the small class sizes and its friendly atmosphere. The teachers are easy going and create lots of fun lessons. I like how there are animals that we can visit and a kitchen where we can learn to cook and bake all sorts of food. I have learned so much in just the short time I have been here and I can't wait to learn more. 


Thornton Academy Student

First I would like to start off with saying that I am very happy to see someone has bought what was Thor College. As a previous student, it saddened  me to see the school shut down. Now that it is back up and running, it over joys me to know that other students will get the enjoyment, education, and benefit of going to that location.  I have many enjoyable memories from this campus, from the barn to the academics.


Previous Thor College Student

As a Thor graduate, I am very proud to be part of the new team here at Thornton Academy. I have reminders all around of how this school changed my education forever. Thor provided me with the necessities to be successful in my post-secondary education and in life. It was an important part of developing my love for learning. Diligence Creates Success! 

Mrs. Harding

Teacher at Thornton Academy

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